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For-profit businesses only with revenue less than $150,000 may participate.  All completed packets must be hand delivered to:

351 Wagoner Drive, Suite 150

Fayetteville, NC 28303

Call (855) 632-3267 for scheduling your drop off and payment.

Knight Consulting is unique management-consulting firm that helps to turn dreams into a reality by offering affordable services and opportunities to entrepreneurs, seasoned businesses, ministries and nonprofit organizations throughout the United States. We are committed to encouraging individuals, like yourself, and strengthening business by exploring potentials and building capacity in order to achieve your desired outcome.

Knight Consulting is proud to present its first ‘Small Business Showcase Expo 2018’ and we are ecstatic about this upcoming event. It is truly our heart’s desire for small businesses to prosper and we're honored to serve businesses in this capacity. 

Out of a great concern for small businesses, the owners and their potential of thriving in unstable and unpredictable economy, this Expo was created with the intentions of giving small businesses a platform to showcase their products and services to the world. 


Call for details:

(855) 6-DREAMS

​(855) 637-3267

Creating incredible opportunities for businesses to attract new customers, bring EXPOsure to their brand, make business-to-business connections while networking,  increasing their leads and earning potential, attracting potential clients with special offers, discounts and giveaways to potential clients while promoting the business to an expected to thousands of attendees in one day. What makes our SMALL BUSINESS SHOWCASE EXPO stand out from among the rest is that we offer prior consulting services, seminars and workshops, emails blasts, videos, tips, special offers, marketing ideas and advertising opportunities throughout the year to help make the business and events are even more successful.

In line with keeping procedures, laws and policies; certain businesses will be prohibited from participating in these events and all businesses must be pre-approved.  All spots are limited to a first come first serve basis. There will be no more than three to four  like or similar businesses in the same trades. (Example: no more than two to four plumbing companies, electricians, makeup artists, real estate companies, crafts, etc.).  Therefore, you may not want to drag your feet on this offer in order to get the best spots!